ECTS-Film is featuring heavy-clay as a modern building material

The film titled “­Ceramics – modern life, modern buildings”, presented for the first time by ECTS, the Working Group of ­European Ceramic Technology Suppliers, at the “Heavy Clay Day” at Ceramitec, is now available on the Internet­watch?v=iHHVukDb_kU&­

Interested parties are invited to set a link to the film on their homepages. On request, ECTS provides the film in different sizes and qualities to all who intend to promote brick as a modern building material worldwide. The film is available in English and Portuguese. Other language versions are planned like Russian, ­Spanish, Arabic, Hindi and Chinese.

In many regions of the world, people lack information on how clay-bounded building materials can be produced and applied in a resource-efficient way. This is where the film comes in. Aspects covered include aesthetics, energy-saving, the impact on indoor air quality, the good thermal insulation value as well as fire resistance of a building material which is well-proven, familiar and modern at the same time.

The film emphasizes the advantages of modern heavy-clay products, presents construction projects worldwide and gives a short description of how bricks are made today. Architects, builder-owners, planners of building sites, investors and scientists have their say in this film.


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