Next meeting to be held on 9 April in the forerun to ceramitec 2018

ECTS creates new ceramic non-heavy clay group

Starting this year, ECTS will be expanding its activities and broadening membership of the working group to include companies from the ceramic non-heavy clay industries.

“Our goal is to make us stronger and more visible as the European ceramics machinery industry”, explains the group’s chairman Miquel Moix, Sales Manager at Beralmar Tecnologic S.A. “As our 24 ECTS members are mainly from the heavy clay machinery sector, we need to expand our activities to companies from the whitewares and technical ceramics machinery industry.” They will form a new group within the ECTS. Kick-off will be on 9 April 2018 in Munich. Qualified non-member companies in the ceramics machinery industry will be invited to the meeting. “But of course, everybody who is interested and will be at ceramitec anyway is invited to attend”, says Moix.

The ECTS/VDMA Lounge which is located next to the ceramitec Forum in Hall A5 will serve as a meeting and information point for the ECTS community.

Good business expected for 2018

In a survey recently carried out within the group, most of the companies stated that 2018 was sure to be a good year since production was already fully booked until mid-2018. A big question mark is pending over 2019 as no plant projects or new lines are on the horizon so far. Business is currently driven mainly by spare parts and services to older plants. New plants are needed in 2019. ECTS members see Latin America as a market with potential. After having held successful symposia in Peru and Colombia last year, ECTS will organize a symposium in Mexico in autumn 2018, just before the US Clemson Brick Forum.

European Ceramic Technology Suppliers (ECTS)


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