Company News | Firmennachrichten

Automation solutions from Bedeschi S.p.A.

Bedeschi S.p.A., the traditional Italian company, is continuing its success by consolidating its automation systems and embarking on important new projects in this field.For many years now, thanks in ...

2017 – A strong year for Wienerberger

Highest revenues in the Group’s history

In 2017 Wienerberger stepped up the pace of growth. Acquisitions in Germany, Austria and North America broadened the geographic scope of the brick business. An acquisition in Romania is still subject ...

Talleres Felipe Verdés S.A.

A new preparation line for EURL Moulin Ouled

In recent years, a great deal has been invested in the heavy clay industry in North Africa. The largest percentage of new manufacturing facilities has been set up in Algeria. Whereas in 2005 there...


New project for a complete plant in Kazakhstan

The Spanish company Beralmar is working to supply a new production line for the Boshan ceramics plant situated a few kilometres from Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan. This is already the second order...


Marcheluzzo lands order from Belden

In November last year, Bob Belden and Giancarlo Marcheluzzo signed an agreement for the revamping of Production Unit 8 of the Ohio-based Belden Group, one of the leading manufacturers of bricks on the...


Company Profiles | Werksbeschreibung

Mazarrón Tejas S.L., Numancia de la Sagra, Toledo, Spain

Mazarrón produces top quality

For the Mazarrón Tejas S.L. clay roofing tile plant, Numancia de la Sagra, Toledo, Spain, Marcheluzzo Impianti S.r.l. has installed a new kiln with a monolayer of H-setters, complete with the...



Dear visitors and exhibitors of ceramitec,

ceramitec 2018 is just around the corner: the international key trade show for the ceramics industry will open its gates from April 10 to 13. The ceramitec team and I are looking forward to welcoming...


Award for “Best Service”

The wait will soon be over! On 11 April, at 4.00 pm the presentation ceremony for the Zi Award “Best Service Supplier 2018” will begin in the forum of Hall A5 at ceramitec.Over the last few weeks, you ...


International News

Next meeting to be held on 9 April in the forerun to ceramitec 2018

ECTS creates new ceramic non-heavy clay group

Starting this year, ECTS will be expanding its activities and broadening membership of the working group to include companies from the ceramic non-heavy clay industries. “Our goal is to make us...



Interview with Dr. Matthias Frederichs, Chief Executive Secretary, Federal German Association of the Brick and Tile Industry Regd

Target: Stronger representation of political interests

The German brick and tile industry‘s national association Bundesverband der Deutschen Ziegelindustrie (BV) has a new chief executive secretary, Dr. Matthias Frederichs, with whom we spoke about his...


Technical News | Technische Neuheiten

Cassantec AG

Predictive maintenance

More and more plant operators are coming to rely on predictive maintenance. Maintenance scheduling can be optimized with the help of asset condition monitoring and innovative software solutions.The...


Technical Paper | Fachbeitrag

Dipl.-Ing. Rainer Hüsing

Continuous reduction firing in the tunnel kiln

With reduction, that is the transformation of Fe2O3 into Fe3O4, heavy clay ceramic products can be manufactured with a very diverse interplay of colours. The brick manufacturer has the possibility to...



Arno Witgert, Inh. Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Michael Liebig e. K. | A6/106

Primary and secondary raw materials from Witgert

Arno Witgert has been mining high-grade clays in Germany’s Westerwald region since 1820. Back in the mid-20th century, the company began refining these raw materials by milling them and now supplies...

Wassmer Gruppe | B5, 239/342

Brick machining systems

For clay building materials, including brick slips and facade panels, Wassmer supplies an extensive range of equipment: From the manually loaded one-sided brick slip saw to the fully automated...

Stephan Schmidt Group | A6, 101/202

Speciality clays and mineral products

The single clays extracted from 20 company-owned opencast mines in Germany are homogenized and refined in the group’s modern preparation and grinding plants. Thanks to the extensive reserves of the...

Sabo S.A. | B5, 409/510

A new electronic cutter

The Greek company Sabo S.A., which has been supplying turnkey solutions for the heavy clay industry for 35 years, is presenting its latest developments in solutions, products and services. Various new...

HUP Schweisstechnik GmbH | B5, 508

Partner for the ceramics industry

HUP Pietz, a family-run SME, is a specialist for wear protection in the ceramics industry and a trusted partner for the heavy clay industry, for instance for augers, blades or screens.The product...

Molaris S.L | B5, 541

Simultaneous grinding and drying

Drawing on more than 70 years as a specialist in the design and engineering of dry grinding plants, Molaris has extensive experience in solutions specifically for the ceramics industry (roofing tiles,...

PhoenixTM GmbH | B5, 116

Temperature monitoring in ceramics processes

Temperature profiling for quality assurance in industrial kilns and furnaces is common practice in almost all heat treatment applications, and in the ceramics industry, too.While in the past, long...

Refratechnik Ceramics GmbH | B5, 429/530

Durable and energy-saving refractory systems

As a market leader in refractory technology, Refratechnik Ceramics offers complete systems for tunnel kilns in the ceramics industry. From wall and suspended ceiling systems to car systems equipped...

Hans Lingl Anlagenbau und Verfahrenstechnik GmbH & Co. KG | B5, 401/502

Experience and innovation lead to smart production

As a leading international manufacturer of plants and machinery, Lingl designs and engineers innovative individual components as well as computer-controlled integrated plants equipped with the latest...

Prince Minerals GmbH | A6, 501

Prince takes over Opavsky

Prince Minerals GmbH, a subsidiary of Prince International Corporation, will be exhibiting at the trade fair following its acquisition of Opavsky Emailleschmelze & Glasurenfabrikation.Prince acquired...

innovatherm Prof. Dr. Leisenberg GmbH+Co. KG | B5, 509

NovaControl process control system

innovatherm will present its advanced NovaControl control system. It has been designed for the automation and optimization of thermal processes in the ceramics industry.The enhanced NovaControl...

Petersen Service GmbH Netphen | B5, 319/420

New SRBk1900 circular screen feeder

Petersen Service will present its new SRBk1900 circular screen feeder with additional conical trough bottom.Thanks to the natural gradient, this optimization facilitates emptying and therefore enables...

Hellmich GmbH & Co. KG | B5, 311/408

Focus on heat recovery

The environmental engineering specialist Hellmich is focussing on heat exchangers (heat recovery).One big cost factor in the production of ceramics are energy costs, and these are likely to rise...

Händle GmbH Maschinen und Anlagenbau | B5, Stand 301/402

Competence and innovation to the power of five

Händle and the partners ZMB Braun, Kampen, Steele and Direxa will be presenting innovative, state-of-the-art technical solutions for the heavy clay industry.As leaders in the development and...

Keller HCW GmbH | B5, 309/410

KBIS – a new digital information platform

Drawing on almost 125 years of experience in the development and production of machines through to complete systems for the heavy clay industry and the entire core competence of process engineering,...

Equipceramic S.A. | B5, 219/320

Turnkey solutions for heavy clay ceramics

Equipceramic S.A. supplies turnkey solutions for all types of clay bricks and roofing tiles, adapted to meet any requirements in any geographic region.For clay preparation and shaping, Equipceramic...

Forgestal S.L | B5, 119/220

Refractories and kiln car cleaning systems

Long lasting, low maintenance, energy efficient and easy assembly are key features of the extensive range of kiln car linings from Forgestal, as the more than 500 references worldwide show. For...

De Boer Machines Nederland B.V. and Petersen B.V | B5, 308

Shaping essentials

De Boer Machines Nederland B.V. is one of the worldwide leading suppliers of soft mud presses and systems in and around the shaping department of a brick plant. Petersen Maskinfabrik Denmark is famous...

Cleia | B5, 427/528

Innovations and reference projects

The French plant engineering company Cleia will focus fully on innovation. Highlights will include the Hydrofast kiln, an evolution of the water-sealed kiln allowing controlled-atmosphere firing to...

Ceratec SA | NV | B5, 415/516

Plants and machinery for the heavy clay industry

The activities of the Belgian Ceratec group include engineering, manufacturing, installation and commissioning of a wide range of equipment up to integrated plants for the heavy clay ceramics...

Capaccioli S.r.l. | B5, 430

Easymud – plants for soft mud brick production

Capaccioli, a world leading supplier of machinery and integrated plants for the production of heavy clay products, began looking very closely at soft mud technology in the 1990s. After several years...

Bongioanni Macchine | B5,101/202

Innovative electronic control system

To enable customers to cut energy costs while reducing component wear and enhancing safety and ease of use, Bongioanni Macchine is presenting an innovative electronic control system. At the stand,...

Beralmar Tecnologic S.A. | B5, 115/216

Competitive solutions for alternative energies

Beralmar will present the most recent developments from its R&D Department, especially for the utilization of alternative energies in the heavy clay industry.After 54 years of continuous experience...

Direxa Engineering LLC | B5, 301/402

Plants for clay brick and roofing tile manufacture

Direxa Engineering LLC (Direxa) based in Lakewood, Colorado/USA, is a plant designer and builder for the clay product industry and other ceramic industries. It is part of the J.C. Steele group of...

Robert Thomas Metall- und Elektrowerke GmbH & Co. KG | B5, 439

Drying expertise – a one-stop service

The long-established company Rotho – Robert Thomas is presenting an overview of its entire range of products and services for the clay brick and roofing tile industry.Starting with product drying...

Franz Banke GmbH | B5, 400

Focus: Suction head systems and variants

Steadily and sustainably, the company has developed over the last 40 years into a full-range supplier for the moulding of clay roofing tiles, investing continually in its own specialized production....