Sabo S.A. | B5, 409/510

A new electronic cutter

The Greek company Sabo S.A., which has been supplying turnkey solutions for the heavy clay industry for 35 years, is presenting its latest developments in solutions, products and services.

Various new developments will be on show. Among them, a new electronic cutter that cuts sideways instead of vertically. The company will also present optimizations of existing models like, for example, the electronic cutter and the push-through cutter, which feature easy operation and uninterrupted production.

On display will be a new low-consumption dryer, the principle of operation of which has been proven in theory as well as in practice as it has already successfully introduced into operation. Interesting are also the new energy-saving solutions that can be implemented in existing dryer and kilns.

Another important point of interest are the new machinery and solutions that have been developed in recent years, for example a filling line, a new cleaning machine and new concepts in automatic lines for prefabricated wall elements.

The extensive range of laboratory and other services will also be presented. Special emphasis is placed on solutions related to smart factory technologies and Industry 4.0 applications, like the system for real-time factory visualization and data acquisition system, and the intelligent networking of important functions in brick plants. With regard to laboratory services, specialists in the field will explain the whole process of sampling, testing and consulting for clay-related problems and optimum kiln and dryer settings. In addition, they will explain the calculation and certification of thermal properties of any construction materials or masonry wall, before these are tested in real building conditions.


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