Sensor Control GmbH | B5, 343

Measuring and control systems for the ceramic industry

Sensor Control is a German company and supplier of plasticity and moisture control systems for the ceramics industry.

Following the acquisition of the Novatronic device series from innovatherm in 2015, the company started with their further development to meet the technical requirements of the users. The result is the Novatronic C 3 plasticity and moisture control system, a system with state-of-the-art PLC technology for equipping individual machines and lines up to five control loops. Sensors for current power consumption, flow pressure in the press head, material moisture, material temperature and material throughput can be integrated and processed as parameters for the targeted addition of water.

All data are stored in a database and displayed graphically for evaluation. All data can be imported into the user company network; the system is also prepared for remote maintenance/diagnostics.


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