Direxa Engineering LLC | B5, 301/402

Plants for clay brick and roofing tile manufacture

Direxa Engineering LLC (Direxa) based in Lakewood, Colorado/USA, is a plant designer and builder for the clay product industry and other ceramic industries. It is part of the J.C. Steele group of companies.

Direxa is a leading expert for the design of plants featuring stiff extrusion/direct setting technology, but also designs plants using more traditional technologies for bricks, roofing tile manufacture (H- and U-setters and bundle technologies), thin bricks, etc.

Direxa has a subsidiary in Australia, where production of facing bricks by stiff extrusion/direct setting is the standard, and a subsidiary in Brazil where almost exclusively soft extrusion is used to produce hollow blocks and some roofing tiles.

Direxa holds the view that the only way to a bright future for the ceramic industry in most countries is through innovation, both in products and in technology. To that end, Direxa has invented and developed radically new kiln concepts aimed at minimizing energy cost and investment cost, while improving flexibility and product quality. The latest information on these technologies will be presented at ceramitec.



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