Mazarrón Tejas S.L., Numancia de la Sagra, Toledo, Spain

Mazarrón produces top quality

For the Mazarrón Tejas S.L. clay roofing tile plant, Numancia de la Sagra, Toledo, Spain, Marcheluzzo Impianti S.r.l. has installed a new kiln with a monolayer of H-setters, complete with the necessary peripheral equipment. The new kiln will be used primarily to produce large-size, flat roofing tiles.

1 Introduction

The Mazarrón Group, which consists of the four companies Mazarrón Tejas, Cerámica Hermanos Hernández, Cerámica Cuestavila and Mazarrón Termoarcilla and has its production headquarters in Numancia de la Sagra (Toledo), is one of the largest Spanish clay roofing tile and brick producers.

The group, with sales of one million tonnes product per year, has recently made a substantial technological investment by replacing its existing roofing tile line with an innovative kiln for firing with H-setters.

Goal of this investment is to be at the top of the league for production quality on...

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