Rongguan produces high-quality clay roofing tiles
for the Chinese market

Sabo S.A., the Greek plant engineering company, has commissioned a new line for the production of high-quality clay roofing tiles for Rongguan, a company based in Foshan, China. The new roofing tile line produces pressed large-size roofing tiles (10 tiles/m²). The plant has been designed for a production capacity of 60 000 clay roofing tiles per day, primarily Portuguese-type pressed interlocking roofing tiles with a distinctive high curve and flat interlocking roofing tiles.

1 Introduction

First intensive project talks with the management and the Rongguan technical team were held back in 2013.The plant was then commissioned in June 2015, around one year after the contract had been awarded.

Foshan is well known for its long tradition in the production of high-quality building ceramics as well as floor tiles. Rongguan has made a name for itself as a manufacturer of high-quality artificial granite slabs and mosaic tiles, and in recent years has invested increasingly in the production of clay roofing tiles.

Rongguan already has two roofing tile plants and has so far...

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