Conversion of a roofing tile plant into a brick factory

In 2006/2007 Ceric undertook to convert a roofing tile manufacturing plant into a brick factory in Stary Oskol in Russia. This international project was successfully completed with the French, German, Spanish and Russian teams of the Keyria division.

1 Introduction

In the 1990s a group of Italian companies had built a ceramic and heavy clay multiproduct manufacturing plant, which included the production of sanitary appliances, one unit producing pressed tiles, a brick factory and a roofing tile manufacturing plant on the same site in adjoining buildings. This facility is located near the very important Russian steel complex of Stary Oskol, about 500 km south of Moscow. The construction materials manufactured on this site were mainly intended to supply the Moscow market. The roofing tile market has proven to be a difficult one and frost...

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