Equipceramic setting up a cutting edge roofing tile factory in Algeria

The Algerian industrial group El Moumtaza, (Bodouaou) has entrusted Equipceramic with a project for the installation of a new clay roofing tile factory producing 14 mill. units per year. The new plant will manufacture Marseilles tiles and Roman round tiles as well as all their accessories. Once completed, the plant will be one of the most important and most advanced roofing tile manufacturing units in Algeria.

As a supplier of turn-key plants, Equipceramic will be responsible for the realization of the entire project, including clay preparation equipment for dry grinding, a chamber dryer with automatic cycle and a sealed kiln.

Next generation technologies will be used such as robot loading and unloading of the kiln furniture and advanced software and hardware packages for the automation and control of the entire plant.

The final quality of the product to be dispatched will be guaranteed by the implementation of a system which enables sorting of the roofing tiles, tile by tile, during the dehacking process and strapping into six-tile packs.

Moreover an automatic engobing system is planned, so El Moumtaza can offer a wide range of colours to its customers.


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