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Keratek has moved!

Keratek GmbH has relocated their company headquarters from Hohenhameln to a new domicile in Bad Essen, not far from Osnabrück. The heritaged company...

ZMB Braun strengthens core areas: die engineering and extrusion tooling

Extensive investments set the stage for the future

In January of 2014, Mühl-acker-based Händle Group merged with Ziegelmundstückbau Braun GmbH in Kluftern. Since then, Händle has invested heavily in the new company...


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Dear Readers,

ceramitec, the leading international trade show for the ceramics industry, will take place on the exhibition grounds of Messe München from 20 to 23...


See you in Munich…

…at our Zi Stand 537 in Hall B2! On 20 October, it will be that time again, ­ceramitec 2015 will open its gates! Like ­every time, this trade fair is eagerly awaited and in the run-up to the event, we...


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Interview with Andrea Pasquali, Managing Director of the Division Clay Preparation & Shaping (CPS) Morando-Rieter

Morando-Rieter presents new Genius roller mill at ceramitec

Morando-Rieter, the specialist in preparation and shaping machines, is premièring its new series of Genius roller mills to the trade public at ceramitec in Munich. The Genius roller mills are...


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Tyrolit brick-grinding wheel with TGD Technology

Brick grinding precise to a tenth of a millimetre

The new Tyrolit brick-grinding wheel with TGD Technology combines precise cutting with maximized productivity for grinding high-precision clay blocks and refractory bricks. With this...


Technical Paper | Fachbeitrag

Keller AG Ziegeleien, Paradies brickworks, Schlatt, Switzerland; Peter Krieg1, David Hartmann2

Optimizing kiln run quality with tailored flue gas flow

In brick production, the firing curve is determined in part by the type of raw material employed. This has been the subject of numerous investigations, the facts of which are surely known to any experienced brickmaker. Even for designing the kiln...


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VHV Anlagenbau GmbH, Hörstel, Germany/Deutschland

Still running strong after 20 years

On 9 January 1995, Bernhard Veltmann, Georg Hagemann and Bernhard Verlage founded VHV Anlagenbau GmbH. Now, 20 years later, the three managing directors can look back on the successful development of their company. ...


ceramitec 2015

Lingl moves!

As one of the global leaders in systems and plant engineering, Hans Lingl Anlagenbau and Verfahrenstechnik GmbH & Co. KG offers solutions and advanced...


Concept of a new low-energy tunnel kiln for energy saving and production efficiency

Direxa Engineering, LLC, an engineering company based in Colorado, USA, and specializing in heat treatment for various industries, and its R&D projects partners Ceritherm and Seipia, both French companies, have combined their skills to develop an innovative concept for a low-consumption tunnel kiln, otherwise named the Skate-Kiln. The current thermal treatment equipment are becoming outdated. Following the two oil crises and the energy cost increase, the 1980s saw numerous development projects, however, none of these solutions was successful. Up to now, two major families of kilns are supplied, which are: tunnel kilns with cars for heavy product mass and firing ­cycles over 8 h roller kilns for lower product mass and shorter firing cycles The pros and cons of each of these solutions are well known. ­Direxa, Ceritherm, and Seipia have studied the limitations of each kiln. For the roller kiln, the ledges and the roller’s drives, and thus the supports, are outside of the kiln walls. This presents the following disadvantages: lack of airtightness, heat losses by thermal conduction, limitations in terms of product mass and kiln width, as well as the unreliable product ­tracking. In the case of tunnel kilns, the main weakness are the kiln cars themselves! A large part of the kiln mass is exposed to the firing cycle and must be considered as part of the total mass to be fired. Depending on the car design, the extra energy consumption can amount to 30 to 50 % of the...


ZMB Braun presents its products

At the Händle group stand, along with the other companies in the group, the Friedrichshafen-based ZMB Braun is presenting its range of products for...


Heavy Clay Day 2015

Wednesday/Mittwoch, 21 October/Oktober 2015, ceramitec Forum, Hall/Halle B1

“Heavy Clay Day” at ceramitec

For the third time now, the trade journal Zi Brick and Tile Industry International is working together with Messe München to organize “Heavy Clay Day” at ceramitec. On 21 October, professionals from all over the world are meeting in the forum of the new Messe München trade fair centre to discuss resource efficiency. That is why we are taking an ­in-depth look at this topic at Heavy Clay Day and presenting new and further developed concepts.