Safe, convenient firing control for industrial thermal processing plant

Elster Kromschröder integrates a wide range of new control and safety functions into the BCU 500 family of burner control units while taking into account current safety requirements and providing convenience of operation.

The new BCU 560, 565 and 580 were developed for multiple burner applications in industrial thermal processing systems. Stage or modulating-controlled burners of unlimited capacity can be controlled and monitored in fixed cyclical or continuous operation. Together with an FCU 500 furnace protection system control unit, the BCU 560, 565 and 580 models control burner start-up of the heating equipment and monitor ongoing operation of the burners. Depending on the given set of requirements, the BCU 560 and 565 units enable applications with directly ignited burners and the BCU 580 facilitates combinations of burners with integrated pilot burners. Gas valves can be checked for tightness by means of the valve proving system.

The protective system control unit OCU 500 on FCU 500- and BCU 500-type units ensures convenient operation and visualization in the door of the control cabinet. Extended visualization and diagnostics options for commissioning and maintenance work are available via the BCSoft programming software and the optical interface on the units. The detailed visualization of all parameters and the system status, together with adaptability to the application-specific requirements via para­meterization, helps maximize the availability of the heating equipment.

The BCM 500 profinet interface also contributes to that goal by enabling easy integration of the burner and protective system control unit arrangement into the process automation system.

In combination with an FCU 500 protective system control unit, BCU 500-series burner controls can be applied pursuant to EN 746-2. These devices fulfil the standard requirements of EN 298 for intermittent and continuous operation. As required by EN 61508 and EN ISO 13849, they can be implemented together with appropriately certified sensors and actuators for safety functions up to SIL 3 corresponding to PL e.

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