Ceramifor supplies intermittent kiln
for the Wienerberger Group

Ceramifor provides solutions for the ceramics industry, supplying high-performance and high-efficiency kilns for porcelain ­tableware, ceramic sanitaryware, earthenware and stoneware, insulators, technical ceramics, abrasives and heavy clay products.

With more than 30 years of experience and 5000 kilns supplied worldwide (tunnel, shuttle and elevator kilns), its focus is to offer the best solutions to client’s needs, using the most advanced project techniques, reference materials and equipment.

Recently Ceramifor was selected to supply a special chamber kiln to the Wienerberger Group. This 41-m3 chamber kiln is equipped with the latest technology for atmosphere control, including iKCS (Ceramifor’s own control system). This system assures operational reliability, control and efficiency for all firing applications.

Hall A2, Stand 205/306


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