Cleia: Firing process and energy savings expert

Thanks to its latest successful projects and developments in energy management and firing processes, Cleia can now claim a leading position in the engineering of process solutions i.e. ­energy savings.

For the Erlus AG clay roofing tile plant in Germany, Cleia supplied a complete installation including a latest-generation Ecofast tunnel kiln, which achieves a major saving in energy consumption compared to the existing kilns on site.

In addition, Cleia has developed and patented the Deforcet: a specific energy management process aimed at saving energy and reducing the volume of polluting exhaust gases from the tunnel kiln.

A few months ago, Cleia received a major order from Wienerberger for the replacement of an old tunnel kiln in Achenheim (F) with a modern kiln incorporating the latest optimizations developed and designed by Cleia.

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