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Major order for a high-tech clay roofing tiles factory for Erlus AG

The latest success for Cleia’s high-technology projects for the manufacture of clay roofing tiles is an order from Erlus AG. The German company has contracted Cleia to realize a new clay roofing tile factory at its historical production site of Neufahrn/Lower Bavaria. The know-how and the technical expertise of Cleia in firing technologies and automatic handling systems, as well as Erlus’ trust towards Cleia’s valued professionals have positively influenced the decision of the Erlus management.

On the existing line the roofing tiles are fired in U setters in a traditional kiln. The redevelopment of Plant 2 as designed by Cleia foresees the firing of clay roofing tiles and accessories in H setters. This will homogenize the product quality of Erlus clay roofing tiles, which are highly valued on the German market.

The special feature of this plant is the simultaneous production of clay roofing tiles and flat accessories. After the firing process the accessories are automatically recognized, then picked from the main circuit to be packaged on a special line. This new unit will include a “Hydro-Ecofast” liquid seal kiln that will optimize roofing tile quality with an unmatched tight firing atmosphere. The kiln will be fitted with high-performance Cleia equipment and gas burners, ensuring very low energy consumption.

The entire handling equipment, which incorporates the most modern and reliable solutions, will also be manufactured and installed by Cleia. The production plant is managed by the Wincer PLC control system. The first roofing tiles are set to leave the new kiln in early summer 2013.


New representative office opened in Vietnam

Cleia is gaining a foothold in Asia and opening a representative office in ­Ho Chi-Minh City in Vietnam. Alexandre Laruelle has been appointed Cleia’s representative in Southeast Asia. The office in Southeast Asia will allow the French engineering company to be a trusted partner to Vietnamese brick and roofing tiles manufacturers. Relying on a long heavy-clay history inherited from the colonial past, the land of dragons has thousands of conventional brick plants across the country. Engineering turn-key solutions developed by Cleia are real opportunities for Vietnamese investors who want to upgrade the existing industrial park.

For Cleia, Vietnam is a high-potential market tending to evolve towards more insulating, more resistant and higher quality building materials whilst reducing the environmental impact. With its new office in Vietnam, Cleia aims to enable manufacturers to benefit from its know-how in bricks and roofing tile plants by offering them heavy clay engineering solutions suitable for the local market. In the past, innovative solutions developed by Cleia had previously convinced Asian investors: four roofing tile plants have been built in Indonesia and Malaysia.


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