Cleia building one of the most modern roofing tile plants in Portugal
for CS-Coelho da Silva

Cleia is building an ultra-modern clay roofing tile factory in Portugal for the company CS-Coelho da Silva. This is one of the first major investments in Europe since 2009 and it is a significant success for the French-based Cleia, confirming its position as a world leader in the engineering and installation of integrated high-tech clay brick and roofing tile plants.

For CS-Coelho da Silva, the future “Plant 5” will produce high-quality products fired on uniform refractory supports, designed with outstanding quality and extraordinary aesthetic features. For this private company, a market leader in the production of clay roofing tiles and accessories in Portugal, investing in a state-of-the-art plant, especially in these difficult economic times, is an ambitious strategic vision that aims to achieve the best profitability in a still very tense market.

The keys to success of this project lie in the team involvement, its skills, and Cleia’s flexibility in responding to the needs and wishes of its client. The cooperative spirit and trust that the managers of CS-Coelho da Silva gave to the Cleia team – mainly composed of former employees of the Ceric Group now grouped in a new and highly efficient Burgundy-based company and boasting almost 50 years of experience in the heavy clay industry - are further success factors. Cleia supplies innovative solutions especially for reducing the energy consumption of dryers, and optimum control of the firing process within a tight kiln with liquid seal.

The first phase of the new plant will be completed in just over nine months and will also benefit from the latest developments in the automatic handling of the tile refractory supports, which can significantly reduce their rate of replacement, thus substantially reducing operating costs. The first fired roof tiles will come out of the Ecofast kiln in spring 2012. The second phase will double the capacity of the roofing tile plant.

Cleia in 2011

The French company pro-cessed an order volume of approximately € 30 mill. in 2011. For example, Cleia is responsible for the complete roofing tile handling at the Etex Group‘s Koscian plant and an integrated brick factory currently under construction in Algeria. In addition come more than 20 plant upgrades in Europe and overseas with an average value of € 250 000 as well as almost one hundred maintenance or optimization contracts.


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