See you in Munich…

…at our Zi Stand 537 in Hall B2!

On 20 October, it will be that time again, ­ceramitec 2015 will open its gates! Like ­every time, this trade fair is eagerly awaited and in the run-up to the event, we are all asking ourselves: What interesting new things will be on show? In our ceramitec preview from page 12, we present you with an overview of the companies, products and ser­vices of interest for heavy clay ceramics.

A highlight at the trade fair will be the 3rd Heavy Clay Day. On Wednesday, 21st October, Zi Brick and Tile Industry International will join with Messe München in inviting visitors to Hall B1. Here in high-calibre talks, current and future challenges in the industry will be discussed. We are starting with a widely discussed topic, the Industry 4.0 initiative and its significance for the heavy clay industry. Focus of the event will be the efficient use of raw materials and energy in the clay brick and tile industry. The use of resources is a priority issue in the heavy clay industry. Besides efficiency, however, sustainable solutions are playing an increasingly important role. For this reason, we shall be looking at this topic in detail at Heavy Clay Day. The speakers will be presenting new and advanced concepts, from the raw material sector as well as concerning brick and tile ­firing. Summaries of the papers from page 56 will certainly spark your interest. Of course, it is free to attend Heavy Clay Day, and the talks are simultaneously translated from German to English and vice versa.

Naturally, the trade fair provides a perfect opportunity for brickmakers and tile manufacturers to discuss and compare ideas and experiences with each other.

We are looking forward to your visit to our stand, at which we shall present you with the latest Zi Brick and Tile Industry International.

See you then!


Anett Fischer

Zi Brick and Tile Industry International


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