Extensive investment in processing plants for clay, chamotte, soapstone and feldspar

More than € 3 million have been invested in modernizing and expanding the plant at the Tonwerk Grossheirath. Using the most modern technology, circuits have been developed for crushing, grading and magnetic refining of chamottes. 17 loading silos with over 1000 t storage capacity for prepared clay, chamotte and soapstone have been integrated into the newly constructed facility. In addition to increasing capacity and efficiency during operation, these measures are aimed at improving product quality and environmental protection.

At Thansuess near Amberg, Gottfried operates a pegmatite pit and a mineral grinding plant. The white-firing potash feldspar sand is a traditional basic raw material for porcelain, ceramic sanitaryware and tiles. A new washed grade is characterized by an exceptionally low content of iron and titanium. Pegmatite in special grades has also proven effective for light-firing clinker bodies and as a shortening material for roofing tiles. According to individual requirements, in addition to pegmatite, combinations of other feldspars or mineral products like, chamottes, quartz and wollastonite, can be milled iron-free in the grinding plant.

Hall A1, Stand 104


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