Adolf Gottfried Tonwerke GmbH:
Clay, ­chamotte, soapstone and ceramic bodies as ­individually ­developed raw material solutions

On the basis of its own clay exploitation at Grossheirath near Coburg (Northern Bavaria) and with the specific use of externally sourced raw materials, Adolf Gottfried Tonwerke GmbH is developing more and more customized raw material solutions to meet specific customer demands as well as supplying its proven range of standard raw materials that it has been producing for decades.

The range of raw and ground clays extends from 20 to 43% Al2O3, with fired colours from creamy white through yellow to red. The main customers are producers of building ceramics and refractory products.

Chamotte is the most important product line at Gottfried. In this line, the shortening materials are also “made to measure” in the extensive processing and firing facilities. This product actively improves the production and product characteristics of ceramics.

Besides firing colour, refractoriness and density, optimal thermal expansion, purity and grading are playing an increasingly important role. The chamottes are mainly used for refractory products, sanitary fine fireclay, building ceramics such as tiles, chimneys and sewer pipes as well as stove tiles.

The range also includes soapstone – raw and calcined, ceramic bodies and a contract preparation service for external raw materials.

Gottfried Feldspat GmbH: White-firing basic raw ­materials with wide-ranging applications

At Thansuess near Weiden (Upper Palatinate) Gottfried operates a pegmatite pit and a mineral grinding plant. The white-firing potash feldspar sand is a traditional ingredient for porcelain, sanitaryware and tiles. Specially graded pegmatite is also a proven raw material for light-firing clinker bodies and as shortening material for clay roofing tiles.

Thanks to improvements in the preparation technology at the mineral grinding plant, other new qualities can be ground iron-free to customer specifications, for example in combination with sodium- and mixed feldspars.

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