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Simultaneous grinding and drying

Drawing on more than 70 years as a specialist in the design and engineering of dry grinding plants, Molaris has extensive experience in solutions specifically for the ceramics industry (roofing tiles, extruded and pressed tiles, facing bricks, and more).

Optimum preparation of the raw materials or body composition is essential to achieve maximum quality products and production efficiency. With the technical solutions from Molaris, it is possible to control the particle size distribution and adjust it to the specific requirements of every product. The moisture content of the raw materials is no longer a problem in Molaris’ dry grinding system with simultaneous drying technology. The mill can be fed directly with materials having high moisture content (> 40 %), installation of an upstream dryer is not necessary, saving on major investments, production costs and energy. A constant final moisture is another critical point for the further preparation steps, but can be guaranteed thanks to the full automatic control of the mill.

At Molaris’ facilities in Valencia (Spain), a well-equipped laboratory and industrial pilot plant are available for customers to conduct tests.

Molaris also specializes in grinding an extensive range of products, such as petcoke, bentonite, lime, feldspar, calcium carbonate, oxides, etc. and offers customers in these sectors a wide choice of technically and economically optimized solutions. 


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