HUP Schweisstechnik GmbH | B5, 508

Partner for the ceramics industry

HUP Pietz, a family-run SME, is a specialist for wear protection in the ceramics industry and a trusted partner for the heavy clay industry, for instance for augers, blades or screens.

The product range includes rotors for impact and hammer mills, composite hard-faced plates for manufacturing cyclones, hoppers, shredder rotors and the regeneration of shredder shafts, perforated baskets, belt transfer points and especially different types of screw conveyors. The company has specialized in the wear protection of screws and amassed specialist know-how for these components. The geometry of the screw is a crucial factor with regard to its efficiency and has to be taken into careful consideration when it comes to deciding where hard facing is useful. The optimization achieved reflects the company’s 40 years of experience.

The focus is always on optimization for the customers, and with them, bespoke solutions are devised. In wear protection and accordingly the handling of very expensive materials, it is important to find out precisely where wear protection will pay off most – in wear protection of the machine or the component itself as well as in terms of the costs incurred for regeneration or reconstruction. The right coating or facing makes the difference, whether it is ceramic composites, composite hard-faced plates or carbide-tipped wear parts.

HUP works as a Hardox wear parts partner. One big advantage is the associated network and informative discussion of technology, even with competitors. Only high-quality raw products are used to ensure the company’s own quality standards are reliably met.


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