HUP-Pietz Verschleißschutz GmbH expands production

Uwe Pietz, managing director at HUP Verschleißschutz  in Rot am See, is quite contented, because, as of February 2014, production is up and running at the company’s second location in the neighbouring town of Langenburg. “This”, he reports, “gives us more range for our wear protection activities. Thanks to steady growth, our heritaged company’s production halls at the Rot am See facility were becoming too small, so we moved our plant engineering and flame-cutting technology activities over to Langenburg, where from now on we will be producing our wear-protection solutions with the aid of best-available CAD technology.”

A pair of modern CNC underwater plasma cutting systems, plus presses, a sheet metal bender, boring machines and MAG welding equipment enable HUP-Pietz to cut, shape, drill and weld “Trinox quality” wear plates (up to 600 HN). HUP-Pietz provides on-the-ground technical consulting services and optimized constructional implementation with state-of-the-art CAD software, including drafting.

Now, in addition to their dependable regenerating work, HUP-Pietz can produce and hardface new parts and components for the ceramic industry. In addition, the production programme now includes pan mill plating, screen plates, scraper bars and wear applications made of Hardox, compound wear plates or steel plates in thicknesses up to 50 mm.


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