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Dear Colleagues,

I should like to take this opportunity to remind you about our next Tiles & Bricks Europe (TBE) Annual Meeting, which is set to take place in Naples...


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The 21st International Conference on “Brickworks History/Brickworks Museums” takes place from 6 to 8 July at the Brickworks Museum in Cham,...


The 2014 Annual Meeting for Brick and Tile Manufacturers, organized by the Federal Association of the German Brick and Tile Industry, will take place...


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Interview with Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Schäffer, Professor of General Ceramics and CeramicBuilding Materials at the WesterWaldCampus in Höhr-Grenzhausen

We have to do more to attract young people to the industry!

On 1 July 2013, Dr.-Ing. Christian Schäffer took over as Professor of General Ceramics and Ceramic Building Materials at Koblenz University of Applied...


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19/20 June 2014

62nd TBE General Assembly in Naples

In 2014, Andil, the Italian tile and brick association, is organizing the TBE annual meeting parallel to its own general assembly. The annual meetings...


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Robots like bricks

If robots could choose what they best like to handle, bricks would be among their favourites. They give robots a chance to show how strong they are...