13 –14 May 2014

Refra and Hitherm Prague 2014

The Czech Silicate Society is organizing two international conferences to be held in parallel sessions on 13–14 May 2014, they are Refra, the 18th Refractories Conference, and Hitherm Prague, the international conference on high-temperature processes.

Focuses of the refractories papers will include shaped and unshaped refractories, new materials and applications, insulation materials, corrosion of refractory linings and environmental challenges.

Hitherm will concentrate on the following topics: high-temperature processes, heating systems, kilns/furnaces and burner technology, energy efficiency and heat recovery in high-temperature installations, materials for high-temperature technologies, control and measuring equipment.

The full programme is available at //www.silikaweb.cz" target="_blank" >www.silikaweb.cz:www.silikaweb.cz.

The conference fee is € 350 up to 30 April 2014 and € 400 after that date. The conference language is Czech/Slovak with simultaneous translation into English.


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