Residential unit in the Dornbirn villa quarter

In Dornbirn Oberdorf, Austria, lavish villas from the golden age of Dornbirn’s textiles industry in the early 20th century are nested in park-like grounds with old trees. In past years, there has been increasing urban development, which is reflected in the two buildings at the award-winning residential unit, making a contemporary statement together with other new buildings in the neighbourhood.

Thanks to the positioning of the building structures in line with the configuration of plot and with consideration of the existing planting, interesting views have been created into and through the environment. A vibrant façade of earth-coloured bricks with veined surface envelops the two buildings. Several colour shades, from light beige to dark brown, laid according to a precise pattern of joints, ensure a vibrant impression. Besides the façade, the deep-set loggias are a key feature of the cubic structures. Together with the deep-set windows with their dark profiles, they lend the buildings depth, enhancing the sculpted plastic impression of the fa- çades.

The project is the winner in the category “Façade design with clay bricks and clinkers” in the “austrian brick and roof award 13/14”.


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