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KBIS – a new digital information platform

Drawing on almost 125 years of experience in the development and production of machines through to complete systems for the heavy clay industry and the entire core competence of process engineering, mechanical and electrical construction as well as all software solutions from one company, Keller is presenting KBIS and KPES, innovations for digitization in the clay brick and tile industry.

Digital transformation is currently one of the main topics in the development of industrial manufacturing. Digitization opens up new fields of action and makes new services possible for the customer. For the heavy clay industry too, digitization offers innovative ways to make the production process more controlled, more efficient and secure. Today‘s information and communication technology creates solutions that provide the operator with information from a wide variety of data sources immediately and independently of the location, going far beyond the previous level.

With KBIS (Keller Bolt Information System), Keller HCW GmbH will present a new digital information platform, with which the enormous amounts of data from the various sources will be made available to the user in a demand-oriented and intuitive system. That is service in a whole new dimension.


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