Digital 4.0 factory with end-to-end digital processes and integration from Keller HCW

Industry 4.0 interlinks production with state-of-the-art information and communication technology. Evolutionary development of machine software based on the use of internet technology opens up new possibilities in heavy clay production. The focus here is on intelligent, horizontal and vertical integration of people, machines, objects and information technologies in real time – for dynamic management and optimization of complex systems. Seamless communication from sensor into the internet is a prerequisite for this. In a factory operating according to Industry 4.0 principles, intelligent machines independently coordinate production processes, handling robots cooperate intelligently with people, and transport vehicles independently complete logistics tasks.

Digitization and communication are used as a driver for growth and change. The entire industry finds itself confronted with new requirements. Product variation is steadily increasing, although production unit costs are not allowed to rise as a result of this individualization in production. This balancing act is only possible with an end-to-end digital value creation chain and flexible machine concepts, at the beginning of which the wide-ranging variants are digitally reproduced in the scope of product design.

Joseph Schröter, Keller HCW, Ibbenbüren-Laggenbeck


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