Sonja Sommer, Joachim Grothe, Hubert Poncelet

Challenges and trends in surface finishing of heavy clay ceramics

This article discusses current colour trends for clay roofing tiles and bricks. Vital today are fast development, individuality and quality. In many cases, traditional glazes and engobes no longer meet today’s requirements – reformulation is needed. Existing raw materials and testing methods must be re-evaluated. Close cooperation between glaze/engobe supplier and brick/roofing tile producer is essential to secure quick success.

1 Introduction

Gone are the days when bricks and roofing tiles were primarily materials to build with. Today, plenty of alternative materials are available that come with their very own benefits that give them a reason to be in the marketplace. Moreover, the trend of customization has not only reached commercial construction, but the building of detached homes, too.

Current trends and challenges differ in the brick and roofing tile segments. In many markets, roofing tiles are fighting with a decline in market shares in a shrinking segment for pitched roofs. In contrast, brickmakers are profiting...

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