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Refractories and kiln car cleaning systems

Long lasting, low maintenance, energy efficient and easy assembly are key features of the extensive range of kiln car linings from Forgestal, as the more than 500 references worldwide show. For existing kiln cars, new linings can replace the old linings partially or progressively. The design and supply of chassis can also be offered as a part of a complete turnkey service.

For kiln roofs and walls, the basic Forgestal/Campo design features integrated protection of refractory hangers against contact with the kiln atmosphere. The refractory wall systems with hollow insulated design help to reduce the total thickness of the kiln wall either with metallic or ceramic external closing. The basic modular design can be adapted to the specific requirements of kiln builders and is also easy to use for partial repairs of damaged roofs.

Forgestal kiln car vacuum cleaning machines are fitted with high-efficiency suction systems and filters as well as a mechanically adjusted lifting device. The company has so far supplied custom-made models to 150 users. These are used to keep the valuable kiln car linings in good shape while avoiding any damage to the fired ware from brick fragments and chippings.


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