New project for a complete plant in Kazakhstan

The Spanish company Beralmar is working to supply a new production line for the Boshan ceramics plant situated a few kilometres from Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan. This is already the second order for Beralmar from the Central Asian country.

Boshan’s order includes a Llevant model dryer with direct loading onto kiln cars and a Presthermic airtight tunnel kiln. The three tunnels (two for drying and one for firing) have been designed with a length of 106 m and a useful width of 4.70 m. The useful height of 1.54 m was chosen to accommodate the direct loading of the kiln cars. Nominal production is 30 mill. NF/year of various solid, hollow and thermoclay formats.

Direct loading of the cars is not always a technically viable option as it depends on the suitability of the clay available and the formats to be manufactured, but when it is viable, as in this case, it has a number of advantages:

Low energy consumption: The combined energy consumption is less than 330 kcal/kg

Low automation and therefore lower investment in machinery, less maintenance and fewer production stoppages

The only fuel available for the project is coal with a low calorific value (4 500 kcal/kg), which represents a technical challenge. For this reason, the supply of a Promatic firing facility in the kiln and a GB/1 500 model heat exchanger has been planned. On the other hand, this fuel is moderately priced at present and this, combined with the low energy consumption of the planned line, will lead to low energy costs, which will undoubtedly be one of the keys to the competitiveness of this new ceramics plant.

Thanks to the direct loading, various products can be manufactured, including bevelled bricks. For this purpose, a multiple cutter with four-sided bevelling will be installed.
Beralmar Tecnologic S.A.


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