Beralmar commissions new solid brick plant in Malaysia

The Spanish company Beralmar has recently commissioned a new production line for the company Kilang Batu Bata Hap Kee in Serandah, Malaysia.

The plant has been designed for the production of 750 t solid bricks per day, although in the first phase it is set to achieve a production rate of 480 t/day. The scope of supply comprised a Llevant dryer with direct kiln car loading and a Presthermic airtight tunnel kiln. Both the tunnel kiln and the two drying tunnels are 168 m long with an internal width of 6.3 m.

The only thermal energy consumed in the plant is petcoke, using a Micromatic system. The Llevant dryer, thanks to a comfortable drying cycle of more than 50 hours for all formats, is fed only with hot air recovered from the kiln.

Commissioning was very simple and all the products on the first kiln car out of the kiln met the quality requirements and could be loaded direct from the kiln car to the lorry.

Although the new Hap Kee plant will currently produce only solid formats, its senior management plans to introduce thermoblock formats to Malaysia soon.

Beralmar Tecnologic S.A.


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