Achat 12V unites tradition and technology

Braas presents new adjustable roof tile

The new Achat 12V curved interlocking roof tile retains the traditional northern-German character of its predecessor, the Achat 12, but has been upgraded to include modern adjustability. Unlike its precursor, the Achat 12V has the “V technology” that lets roofers install the tiles quickly and easily: a 30 mm head adjusting range guarantees quick and easy sectioning with little need for time-consuming cutting and compensating work. The tiles‘ rectangular shape makes it easier for roof pros to give the roof a uniform look. A supplementary reinforcing rib on the back side of the tile makes for even better stability.

Also new on the ­Achat 12V are its pronounced head and side interlocks. Thanks to them, even roofs with a very minor slope of 16° are still rainproof – as demonstrated by numerous tests in Braas‘ own wind tunnel. The new Achat 12V made its debut at the NordBau exhibition and will be on the market in 2013.

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