New products for the roof

Ergoldsbacher Level RS

The new smooth tile in clinker quality, the Ergoldsbacher Level RS, is already the third „specialist“ from Erlus for flat roof pitches, according to the company. The angular smooth tile is already rainproof from a roof pitch of ten degrees. This eliminates the need for costly additional measures, because here it is the clay roof tile that protects and not the waterproof sub-roof; the water is drained away on the tile.

Its clear, angular shape with a straight end is striking. Thanks to its deep ring interlocking with triple head and side interlocking, the substructure remains dry even with flat roof pitches. According to Erlus, costly additional rainproofing measures can be omitted.

The Ergoldsbacher Level RS is hail-tested and achieves hail resistance 4. The wind suction resistance of this tile with bonded roofing is already very high without interlocking. Thanks to the 38.5-centimetre batten width group, processors need about 20 percent fewer load-bearing battens per square metre than with the classic small-format batten width.


Karat XXL – D in graphite grey

The Ergoldsbacher Karat XXL from Erlus is now also available dyed through in the colour graphite grey. The grey-brown firing colour of the clay body is created by the addition of high-quality minerals, which darken the ceramic mass. This makes cut edges hardly noticeable.

According to Erlus, Karat has stood for timelessly beautiful roofs for 50 years. In the XXL version with a batten width group of 38.5 cm, the Karat is particularly economical: in the solid-coloured version in the colour graphite grey, unavoidable predations on the building site or cut edges no longer have to be reworked. This makes the Karat XXL-D very economical to work with.

Its standard roof pitch is 22 degrees, its minimum roof pitch is 10 degrees. Due to the double head and side interlocking, it has a high level of protection against the intrusion of rain. In addition, the Karat XXL-D scores with hail resistance class 4, according to the company.


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