Erlus increases turnover by € 5.5 mill. in the 2019 business year

Erlus AG, one of Germany’s leading manufacturers of roofing ceramics and chimney systems in Germany, increased its annual turnover to € 110.5 mill. in the 2019 business year. That is €  5.5 mill. more than in 2018 (€ 105.0 mill.).

“According to the estimations of leading market researchers, the demand for covering materials for pitched roofs increased by around 1.6% on the previous year. This is the first significant growth of the pitched roof market in Germany for more than ten years. This development, of course, played right into our hands and we were even able to add a bit more than the market”, says Peter Hoffmann, Director at Erlus AG.

The Ergoldsbacher E 58 RS, which is regarded as a specialist tile for roofs with low incline, proved a revenue driver. Erlus AG also demonstrated its innovativeness with one of its latest developments, the Erlus Lotus air, a photocatalytically active clay roofing tile. “The tile contributes to reducing the nitrogen oxide levels in the air. The innovative coating of the clay roofing tile contains anatase, which has an active air purifying effect. As soon nitrogen oxides touch the Erlus Lotus air roof area and UV light shines onto the surface, the air purifying process starts”, explains Hoffmann.

“With the achieved growth in turnover, we are in line with our projections and are consequently very satisfied with that”, says Hoffmann, summing up. With regard to the current business year, the Erlus director is not venturing any forecast.

Erlus AG


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