German brick and tile industry on course for further growth

Growth in the German clay brick and roofing tile industry continued in 2017: according to the production statistics released by Germany’s Federal Statistical Office, the value of production increased by 2.9 % on 2016. This development was driven by masonry bricks with an increase of 5.9 %. Despite unfavourable general conditions, the manufacturers of clay roofing tiles were able to register a slight plus of 0.4 %.

All in all, the clay brick and tile industry generated a turnover of € 1.5 bill., which corresponds to a plus of 3.2 % on the previous year. The employees also benefited from this, in 2017 just under 8 400 people worked for the manufacturers of clay pavers, facing and backing bricks as well as roofing tiles, two per cent more than in the previous year.

Removing barriers to investment

In the pitched roof sector, there was a lack of long-term perspectives to give planning reliability for consumers, investors and users, says Dr. Matthias Frederichs, General Secretary of the Federal German...

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