Erlus AG generated € 117 mill. turnover in 2014

In 2014, Erlus AG generated a turnover of around € 117.1 mill. (€ 118.7 mill. in 2013) and was therefore able to achieve more than € 115 mill. annual sales for the fourth year in the row.

Expenditure for raw materials, operating materials and expendables plus purchased goods was down compared to the previous year by € 3.1 mill. or 5.8%  to € 50.1 mill. This can be attributed essentially to lower material and energy costs. Measured against the company’s turnover, their share fell from 44.8% in the previous year to 42.8%. In the reporting period, € 2.7 mill. were invested in tangible assets. Investments were therefore around € 8.0 mill. lower than in the previous year overall. Focus of the investments was the realization of a logistics concept in Neufahrn.

At year-end, Erlus AG employed 531 people (previous year: 533), plus another 22 trainees (previous year: 19). The workforce averaged 537 employees (previous year: 538).

Erlus AG is cautiously optimistic for the current year and expects turnover and earnings to be on a par with the level of the last four years.

Erlus AG


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