Erlus AG reports successful business year 2011

Erlus AG, one of the leading manufacturers of roofing and chimney materials, is looking back on a successful business year in 2011. Erlus achieved sales of € 115.4 mill., that is around 23 % higher than in the previous year (€ 93.8 mill. in 2010). The net income for the last business year totalled € 2.62 mill. (previous year: € 1.58 mill).

In the year of report, € 2.7 mill. was invested in tangible assets and just under € 4.9 mill. in intangible assets. The investments were therefore around € 5.3 mill. higher than in the previous year. In the year of report, ­Erlus employed 309 industrial workers and 180 salaried employees.


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