2015 brings sales decline for Erlus AG

In 2015, Erlus AG generated sales of € 110.1 mill. This meant that the company’s annual sales totalled about € 7 mill. below the figures of the previous year, corresponding to a decline of 6 %. The high level of the last three years with sales of over € 115 mill. for each year could therefore not be maintained.

In 2015 the company achieved earnings from ordinary business activities totalling € 16.6 mill. The increase in earnings can be essentially attributed to the liquidation of reserves for antitrust proceedings. To avoid long and expensive court proceedings, Erlus AG accepted the payment of a fine amounting to € 2.55 mill. As a result, the annual profit stood at € 14.1 mill., that is well above the previous year profit of € 8.2 mill.

At the end of 2015, Erlus AG employed 524 people (previous year: 531), another 16 people (previous year: 22) were in an apprenticeship/traineeship with the company. On average, 530 people were employed (previous year: 537).

The manufacturer of roof ceramics and chimney systems regards the development of the current business year with cautious optimism and expects sales and annual earnings to be somewhat above the level of the years 2011 to 2013.

Erlus AG


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