Integrated Research Centre at Syngenta Crop Protection AG

The integrated research centre at Syngenta Crop Protection AG in Stein, Switzerland, presents a striking architectural landmark against the flat landscape. The technical functionality and modernity of the development centre are expressed in the clear, straight lines of the building structure. Elegant black-anthracite bricks with silvery flashing enliven the strict orthogonality with their varied shading.

The brick used for the multi-storey reception building conveys a lively charm of its own. The variation of silver, brown and black shades as well as the special surface finish enliven the stark elegance of the functional structure achieved with the reduced design vocabulary.

Ledges constructed with light-coloured prefabricated concrete elements on the exterior of the chemistry building take up the horizontal axis emphasis of the biology laboratory at the rear. The strong linear bias of the chemistry facility achieved as a result is elegantly broken up by the varied shading of the bricks used. The facade material in stylish dark shades, interplaying with the bronze-coloured anodized aluminium of the window embrasures, elevates the purely functional facility to a high-quality architectural element rounding off the ensemble.


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