Concentration trend on the European roof tile market: Wienerberger wants Creaton and parts of Terreal

The Wienerberger Group wants to acquire parts of Terreal, a European supplier of products for the renovation and refurbishment of roofs. Creaton, one of the largest manufacturers of clay roof tiles in Germany, is to be part of the deal. The German roof tile company had only been acquired by Terreal in 2020. In a press release dated 20 December 2022, Wienerberger announced that an agreement had been signed to acquire selected parts of Terreal.

The deal and the target

The parts of Terreal to be transferred to Wienerberger in the deal include its business in France, Italy, Spain and the US, as well as Creaton‘s business in Germany and the Benelux countries. According to the announcement, the transaction includes nearly 3,000 employees at 29 locations. In Germany, Creaton‘s eight production sites in Bavaria, Thuringia, Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia are affected with around 800 employees. The expected annual turnover of the Terreal businesses to be acquired is around € 740 million.

Wienerberger is thus pursuing the goal of adapting to the growing market for the renovation and refurbishment of roofs in Europe. According to the Group‘s press release, plans by the French government to improve the energy efficiency of buildings were recently approved, coinciding with EU regulations to reduce the demand for electricity. Wienerberger hopes the deal will strengthen its position on the French and German markets in particular.

„The renovation of the European building stock is an essential step on the way to climate neutrality. Wienerberger sees enormous growth potential in this business segment, which must be expanded. This applies above all to the area of roofing, including solar and water management solutions. The acquisition of Terreal would be an ideal next step in the implementation of our value-creating growth strategy. The goal is to double our roofing sales annually to 75 million square metres. With Terreal‘s highly complementary portfolio, which fits perfectly with our own product range.

We would further improve our ability to offer first-class solutions, especially in the strategically important markets of France and Germany. In addition, Wienerberger would expand its presence in the attractive markets for renovation and refurbishment in France and Germany“, says Heimo Scheuch, CEO of the Wienerberger Group, on the motives behind the acquisition. The „establishment of the first true European pitched roof expert that integrates solar, rainwater and other roof solutions“ should help to achieve this goal, he said.

On the acquired side, Laurent Musy, CEO of Terreal Group, comments on the acquisition: „Over the past years, Terreal has implemented a successful strategy of sustainable growth, thanks to the commitment of our teams, the support of our clients, municipalities and shareholders. I would like to thank all of them. The successful acquisition and integration of Creaton in Germany and Eastern Europe was a gratifying milestone. Now we are experiencing a time when high energy prices and the increasingly urgent need to decarbonise our industry and construction in general are presenting us with unprecedented challenges.

A merger with Wienerberger would allow us to accelerate our existing strategy thanks to the exchange of best practices, investments, innovation and digitalisation. Wienerberger is an extremely renowned European company worldwide with extensive experience in the clay roof tile and brick industry. It would undoubtedly benefit from the ideal complement of our product portfolio and from the integration of Terreal/Creaton‘s brands, assets and resources. This is particularly true in France and Germany, in the area of pitched roof solutions and solar technology. Wienerberger has an ambitious industrial and commercial ­business model that would ensure sustainable growth in our activities. Our very successful employees in Austria, Poland and Hungary would remain under the leadership of the current owners. We will continue to support them during the transition period.“

About Terreal

Founded more than 150 years ago and headquartered in France, Terreal operates internationally and specialises in roofing, solar, wall and façade products. It distributes well-known brands such as Creaton, San Marco, Ludowici and GSE Intégration. In addition to applications in new construction, its wide range of innovative and sustainable solutions is primarily focused on the renovation and refurbishment sector.

Details of the transaction

According to the Wienerberger announcement, the closing is expected to take place during 2023 and is subject to approval by the competition authorities and the fulfilment of other conditions typical for a transaction of this type. The purchase price will be financed by cash on hand, bank loans and Wienerberger‘s own shares, which will allow Wienerberger to maintain a strong balance sheet and liquidity position. For the time being and until final approval by the antitrust authorities, Terreal will continue to operate its business completely independently.


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