Creaton GmbH

Creaton becomes part of Terreal Group

Terreal, the French sector leader for roofing products and building envelope solutions, is taking over Creaton, a full subsidiary of the Etex Group.

The merger with Terreal represents a logical continuation of Creaton GmbH’s corporate strategy, which over the last year has again been focussed more on business with clay roofing tiles, concrete roofing tiles and pitched roof accessories. “That this transfer could be arranged and completed so quickly is essentially down to our shared efforts in this special year 2020,” says Dr Sebastian Dresse, Managing Director at Creaton GmbH. “We have so far been able to confidently handle the Corona crisis. At the same time, and in these particularly difficult circumstances, we have managed to build on our economic successes.”


Shared market leadership

With the merger, Terreal is targeting European market leadership in the clay roofing tiles sector. The goals are clear: Number 1 or Number 2 ranking in France, Germany, Poland, South-Eastern Europe, the USA and Korea and an increase in sales in Italy, the Benelux countries, Spain and other export destinations.

Laurent Musy, CEO at Terreal, explains: „We have great respect for what the Creaton management teams have achieved in recent years, and we share with them the same results-oriented approach to improving performance. We look forward to working together with them and have no doubt that they will fit in perfectly with our strong culture, which is based on operative excellence, customer focus, openness and teamwork. We are delighted by the prospect of working together to continue Terreal’s transformation.”


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