Perhaps we will see each other

Dear readers,

Summertime is event time. A few days before this issue appears, the European brickmakers’ associations will have met in Barcelona for the TBE Congress on 1 and 2 June. Barely two weeks later, on 13 and 14 June, the German brick and tile industry will meet in Weimar for its annual conference. At the same time, the seminar for career changers will take place in Essen at the Institute for Brick Research. From 25 to 27 June, the brick museums will host their 26th conference, this time in Vechta. A little later, from 2 to 6 July, the members of the national ceramic associations will meet for the conference of the European Ceramic Society. There is a lot going on in the coming months. Perhaps we will meet at one or the other event. ceramitec 2024 is also casting its first shadows.

For the time until then, or even for the breaks in between, it is worth taking a look at the current issue. A technical article highlights an unusual research project in which it was tested whether diatomaceous earth is suitable as a porosity agent. This substance, also known as rock flour, consists mainly of the shells of fossil diatoms. A second technical paper deals with the various ways in which the Keller HCW company wants to implement climate-neutral firing processes. Visitors to the Würzburg brickmaking course will perhaps remember a corresponding lecture. The speakers have agreed to publish their lecture here in written form.

The interview with Frank Appel and Andreas Lingl, managing directors at Innovatherm, also deals with firing processes and their optimisation. The company has been modernising and optimising kiln and drying plants since 1991. The focus of its business activities, however, has so far been rather outside the heavy clay sector, with an emphasis on the aluminium industry. This is now to change. Why Innovatherm wants to have more to do with brickmakers again, what solution they have up their sleeve for the process-engineering needs of the industry and why the valve is a topic of the future, you can read in the interview.

Finally, a comment on our own behalf. Attentive readers will notice that the number 75 appears in several places in this issue. We can only reveal this: An anniversary is casting its shadow ahead.

I wish you an entertaining and informative read!


Victor Kapr


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