Trade fair innovation - ROTHO presents new Horde PrO at ceramitec 2024

At Ceramitec 2024 in Munich, ROTHO, the established supplier to brickworks, presented a newly designed drying rack for soft-mud bricks for the first time: the new PrO Horde. The most important aim of the innovation is to improve the drying of the bricks, but the PrO Horde is also on a new level in terms of its CO2 footprint, service life expectancy and crash susceptibility.

The ventilation of the PrO Horde has been significantly increased with an 11 per cent higher proportion of holes. Particularly in the critical centre area of the beam, the usual dead areas for welded surfaces have been eliminated by butt welding. The product weight is reduced by around 10 per cent, resulting in a CO2-reduced drying performance. “With the new PrO Horde, ROTHO is equipping its products for the future,“ says Reinhard Kraemer, Head of Product Management at ROTHO.

Clip-in head pieces, used for the first time, reinforce the areas subject to high stress and thus increase the service life. At the same time, the rounded corners reduce susceptibility to crashes. A customised selection of materials and sheet thicknesses for the head piece and support profile offer users a solution tailored to their specific requirements.

“The response at the market launch at Ceramitec 2024 far exceeded our expectations. The new PrO Horde has the potential to become the new market standard,“ predicts Andreas Priebs, Sales Director Global at ROTHO.

ROTHO has been investing in the development of new technologies and products for years. With intelligent methods such as the simulation of flow behaviour, the development of new production processes and process engineering analyses, ROTHO will also be able to present innovations to users and brick manufacturers in the future.


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