For a huge variety of bricks:
De Rijswaard installs Hubert soft-mud press line and rumbling drum

Following its investment in the soft mud press with Hubert system, which had been optimized by De Boer, in 2012, the Netherlands-based brick manufacturer De Rijswaard started operation of a new De Boer rumbling drum in 2013. This drum can be used to artificially age bricks, giving them a retro look. With its existing Handformatic press, De Rijswaard now has almost endless possibilities for brick appearance.

1 Introduction

“Stoom Pannen- en Steenfabriek de Rijswaard” was founded in 1900 as one of many brickworks in this region at the time. In all the years since, the company has always updated its equipment, making it a very modern brickworks today.

Part of the profit is permanently reinvested in the plant. During a major upgrade in 2008, a new Lingl tunnel kiln and a fully automatic production line were put into operation. Great importance was attached to effective insulation of the kiln, which not only had a positive effect on the temperatures in the factory but also on energy consumption.

In 2012...

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