Vandersanden digitises with BrickDrive

Brick manufacturer Vandersanden is introducing BrickDrive in its factory in Spouwen. The digital pick-up and delivery system increases the efficiency, speed and safety of the loading process and creates more time for construction company employees to spend with customers. „BrickDrive is in line with our digital ambition: to make life easier for our customers. We strongly believe that everyone can become a digital Vandersanden customer,“ says Robrecht Bangels, Project Manager Customer Experience.

Vandersanden, Europe‘s largest brick-producing family business, is implementing BrickDrive in its existing platform for traders. On the 13th of June, this service was launched at the production site in Spouwen. Gradually, it will also be integrated at other production sites. With BrickDrive, Vandersanden pro-
vides a fully automated system that makes management and the associated administration of loading more efficient.

More efficient, faster and safer loading

With this digital pick-up system, Vandersanden is not only aiming for increased efficiency, but also improved speed, more security and deeper customer relations. By digitising the administration process, Vandersanden is expanding its omnichannel reach. This reduces the margin of error, shortens the loading process and gives employees more time for sustained interaction with customers and to respond proactively to their needs.

In addition to the above, the digital administration platform is available to traders
24/7 and allows for longer loading times, from 6 am to 10 pm. This allows traders to start their transport planning earlier. Trucks are also diverted away from the village centre of Spouwen via BrickDrive. There is also less traffic on nearby roads, which makes it a safer living and working environment.

The implementation of BrickDrive in Spouwen also included the installation of a weighbridge. This can be used to check the truck and its load more accurately, and makes the chance of an overloaded truck practically non-existent. The introduction of BrickDrive and the weighbridge raises the safety for transporters and brick truck drivers to a higher level.

Digital pick-up and delivery system

With BrickDrive, Vandersanden provides a digital pick-up and delivery system for its customers and suppliers. The system enables building traders and transporters to create their own pick-up and delivery time slots 24/7. Thanks to the integration of this digital route into the existing platform for traders, customers can load and deliver in an almost contactless and paperless manner.

Via BrickDrive, transporters subscribe to a certain time slot. This provides improved insight into how busy the bag field is, allowing for the anticipation of possible peak moments. This ensures that the daily planning runs more efficiently. The loading process is also much more efficient thanks to BrickDrive. It is reduced by up to 50 percent. The brick truck driver can already start collecting the necessary articles before the truck arrives at the loading area on site.

Personal contact is key

Thanks to the digital pick-up system, the time spent on administration work is greatly reduced and there is more opportunity for quality contact. Brick truck drivers and Customer Service employees are therefore always present and available. Vandersanden considers family values to be of paramount importance, and personal and warm contact with customers is indispensable in this respect.

„BrickDrive makes things easier for our customers: it delivers a considerable gain in time. The implementation means more time for contact with construction merchants and transporters. We will provide our customers with plenty of support in embracing this new platform, so that they can enjoy the benefits that this digital collection process has to offer,“ says Robrecht Bangels, Project Manager Customer Experience at Vandersanden


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