Ceratec successfully commissioned clay preparation line for Vandersanden

Central clay storage and preparation installation for VandersandenNV

Central clay storage and preparation installation for Vandersanden NV

Vandersanden NV has two production lines at its headquarters in ­Spouwen, Belgium. Ceratec was contracted with the centralization of the clay storage. This is equipped with 11 bays (10 m high x 10 m wide x 45 m long), which can be optimally filled along two filling bridges. Both the externally resourced clay supplied by lorries and the clay prepared in the company’s own clay preparation unit can be loaded into these storage bays.

The lorries dump their clay into big box feeders, from where the clays are conveyed into the clay storage bays. The company’s own raw materials are removed from the storage bays with a loading shovel and fed into the box feeders of the central clay preparation or directly to the two production lines.

Before souring, the clay is optimally processed in the central clay preparation with a Händle HMI 2170c wet pan mill and a Händle WF10120e roller mill. Afterwards the processed clay is stored again in one of the bays. The product flow is monitored by a central computer and data is communicated to the company’s central ERP system.

This project is part of the complete reorganization of the logistics around the factory in Spouwen, which covers material flow and the storage of both the raw materials and the finished products.

With the new equipment Vandersanden is able to further improve product quality. Vandersanden NV is a manufacturer of facing bricks, brick slips and clinkers, but also offers innovative products such as E-brick and ­E-board.

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