Ceratec modernizes clay preparation line for Bouyer Leroux

Since its foundation in the 1960s Bouyer Leroux has experienced rapid growth and today is one of the largest manufacturers of clay building materials in the northwestern part of France. The production capacity, divided over three manufacturing sites, comes close
to 600 000 t/year. Bouyer Leroux delivers the equivalent of 20 000 dividing walls, 15 000 load bearing walls and 6 000 roofs for houses.

The project entrusted to Ceratec comprises the modernization of the grinding technology at the Bouyer Leroux production sites in La Séguinière and Saint Martin-des-Fontaines, as well as the conversion of the material receiving section and the integration of a new silo at the Saint Martin-des-Fontaines plant. The two last-mentioned projects already take into account the planned investment in a new production line. The processing capacity for the clay and the input into the grinding plant
now amount to 130 t/hour.

Delivered by trucks, the various sorts of clay are filled automatically by a common standard feeding device into the respective box feeders, each of which has a storage capacity of 100 m³.

The integration of Händle hydraulic roller mills of type Alpha II, with a cylinder width of 1 500 mm, makes it possible to attain the following parameters: In the first production stage size reduction to 1 mm lamination mixture thickness with the aforesaid capacity and in
the second grinding stage
0.6 mm lamination mixture thickness at 40 t/h.

The new clay silo is equipped with a reclaimer which makes it possible to supply the clay to the new production unit via an intermediate roller mill and a very long conveyor system.

The project was delivered, assembled and successfully put into service in mid 2008. At this point Ceratec would like to thank the technical team and the staff of Bouyer Leroux for the excellent collaboration during this project.


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