Inauguration of new brick plant with trendsetting Keller technology in Mordovia (Russia)

10 July 2014 was the big day: OAO "Mordovcement" inaugurated their new brick plant in the Republic of Mordovia, the "Dubensky Kirpitschny Zavod". 42.3 million Russian NF units of high-quality facing bricks are manufactured per year on an industrial complex comprising a surface of 35000 m². The fully automatic production line is now designed to manufacture a wide range of ceramic products: Facing bricks and common bricks of various sizes, colours and textures, pavers in a variety of sizes as well as a unique product: Facing bricks with a flashing effect. After an investment of a total of 1960 million roubles one of the most modern brickworks in the Republic of Mordovia was set up on the old factory site.
A number of industrial robots now do the work that was previously done by hand. The administrative head of the Republic of Mordovia, Vladimir Volkov, personally inaugurated this new and extremely flexible plant with the following words: "The opening of the new brick plant is a very important event for the Republic and for our region, as new and primarily highly productive jobs are created. When all technological processes are implemented and mastered by the personnel, the new plant will be one of the leading manufacturers in the Russian Federation. Already today it is one of the most trendsetting brickworks of the Republic and of Russia".
In addition, the quality of the bricks is checked during all production stages in the plant's own ceramic laboratory in accordance with twelve technical parameters. "Clay from the Republic of Mordovia processed with German technology: This guarantees the success of your new brickworks! With the new products for the Russian market you will be able to stand your ground on the world market," said Torsten Bärtels, the area sales manager for Russia from Keller HCW, the worldwide renowned manufacturer of machines and plants for the heavy clay industry which implemented this project. Sergey Ivanovich Siuschov, General Director of OAO "Mordovcement"; Viktor Grigorievich Prokin, administrative head of the region of Dubenki in Mordovia; Sergey Alexeevich Stroitelev, Director of OOO "Dubensky Kirpitschny Zavod" and the entire staff are all proud of this achievement.

Keller HCW GmbH


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