Keller HCW and Rieter-Werke reconstruct the shaping plant in the “OAO Altair” brick plant, Ishewsk, Russia

Together with “OAO Altair” Ishewsk, Republic of Udmurtia in the Russian Federation, Keller HCW and Rieter-Werke will reconstruct the shaping line in the existing brick plant.

Not only are high-quality weapons such as hunting guns, sporting guns and the automatic rifle, named after its inventor Mikhail Kalashnikov, produced in Ishewsk, but also first-class facing bricks. In the “OAO Altair” plant, which was built in 1990/91 by Bulgaria under licence to Keller HCW, 30 million NF standard bricks per year are produced today in a “7-day round the clock” working method.

In order to improve the...

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