Creaton presents “Mikado” and “Galant”

Creaton is presenting a bundle of new products at BAU 2015. The new “Mikado” smooth clay roofing tile, available from spring 2015, impresses with its understated elegance and a particularly attractive price/performance ratio. With the new “Galant” roofing tile, roofing professionals can look forward to one of the most flexible flat roofing tiles in Germany.
New “Mikado”
The new smooth roofing tile (11.5 to 12.5 tiles/m²) features a cleverly devised interlock system for reliable protection against the ingress of rain and wind loads. As usual, the complete range of original accessories is also available. From spring 2015, the “Mikado” smooth roofing tile is available in three attractive engobe shades (burgundy, slate and matt black) as well as in the traditional natural red colour.
“Galant” with generous sliding clearance
The new “Galant” flat roofing tile scores points with its gentle curvature for particularly beautiful and secure roofs – refurbished roofs too. With its generous sliding clearance and consequently the refurbishment-friendly batten dimensions, the “Galant” is one of the most flexible flat clay roofing tiles available on the market, with a tile requirement of 10.6 to 12.1 tiles per square metre. On launch of the tile, it will be available in natural red and in three engobe shades (copper, slate and anthracite) as well as in two glazed finishes (black and burgundy).
Hall A1, Stand 402
Creaton AG


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